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Why Use GPS Tracking with Ener-Tel?

Track your vehicles and non-powered equipment in real-time, 24/7 via the web. Reduce fuel costs. Reduce labor costs. Increase productivity. Improve customer service. Improve safety and reduce risk. Verify engine run hours and miles driven. Confirm actual routes driven. Receive live alerts via email or text: excessive idle time, stop time, unauthorized use of vehicles, and more. Set alert parameters, manage by exception. Automatically generate reports (no need for additional work or staffing).

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GPS Fleet and Asset Tracking gives you visibility into your workforce

Now, you no longer need to live in the dark and with assumptions. With Ener-Tel’s GPS Fleet and Asset tracking solution, Fleet Patrol, it’s like riding with your fleet or working beside your operators every day. With our simple GPS tracking system, you have the power to detect and eliminate waste and inefficiency that may have infiltrated your business in any number of ways, including:

Improve Fleet Efficiency

Fleet Utilization

GPS Fleet and Asset Tracking optimizes fleet utilization by delivering data on excessive idle detection, speeding, maintenance schedules, and more. Gain efficiency by dispatching the closest vehicle and monitoring traffic conditions through the GPS user interface.

Worker Performance:

GPS Fleet and Asset Tracking is an excellent tool to improve worker performance and compliance. Track start/stop times, driver routes, match fuel receipts to stops, receive time stamps for entering or exiting a geofence or job site. Additionally, GPS Fleet and Asset Tracking can monitor a host of other activities within your fleet that will identify where changes need to be made in worker behavior to maximize your operational costs.

Operating Costs

Improvements in vehicle utilization and driver compliance translate into reduced operating costs for you. Most users see significant reduction in fuel, labor, insurance and vehicle maintenance costs.

Non-powered Assets

GPS Fleet and Asset Tracking even offers products and rate plan for powered and non-powered assets such as construction equipment, trailers, and containers.

Why Should I Use Fleet Patrol from Ener-Tel?

Simplicity, versatility and affordability for every industry.

Our GPS Fleet and Asset Tracking business intelligence solutions are innovative, easy-to-use and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Combined with our world class technical support and excellent customer service, Fleet Patrol is your perfect choice.

Fleet Patrol has affordable and versatile solutions for:

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