Residential Home Theater

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Front row seats, in your living room.

Our audio and video systems, custom-built to your home, transform your living room into the coziest movie theater and the most rocking music venue.

With a home theater or sound system from Ener-Tel you will hear every note and see every detail perfectly, just like you’re there… From your own couch.

With Ener-Tel, there's not one bad seat in the house.

Some companies promise “custom” audio/video systems, and deliver anything but. With their cookie-cutter solutions, there is no accounting for the size or design of your room. At Ener-Tel, our A/V experts know how nuances in room design affect the performance of home theater systems. Each of our systems is designed for your very specific application. From the brands we choose to use to the location of speakers, your audio/video system will be truly custom.

One remote to rule them all.

One remote to rule them all.

A remote for the TV. A remote for the DVD player. A remote for the DVR. For the sound system. For the Blu-Ray player. For the cable box. Imagine this: one remote that controls all of your devices. With an intuitive touch screen and the ability to integrate with your smartphone, too, you can simplify your media experience. And simple is good.

The experts at Ener-Tel can help you get rid of all those extra clickers, and the frustration that comes with them.

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Where performance meets price point.

Ener-Tel can upgrade your home theater system without having to remodel your living room or depleting your finances. We choose brands that provide the best sound and the latest technology at the best prices. Each of the brands that we use has proved they provide quality, consistency, and dependability at an affordable price.

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