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Whether your current system was installed by a national coverage provider or an out-of-town business, you are probably paying more than you would with Ener-Tel. Let us offer you lower local rates! When you switch to Ener-Tel, you have the best alarm monitoring and service available at the best price available.


When you switch to Ener-Tel, we upgrade and verify your current system. The safety of your family, home and business are dependent on your system being operational and armed at all times. Upgrading to Ener-Tel guarantees security and provides peace of mind, and in most cases, costs absolutely nothing.


Colleges, school districts, government agencies, private businesses and homeowners choose Ener-Tel for their systems needs. Why? Because we are serious about what we design, install, and service; we employ only the top professionals in our industry; and we love what we do. Switch to Ener-Tel and join the Ener-Tel family.

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