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Be There When You Can't

Be There When You Can't

As summer approaches, kids look forward to a break full of freedom, fun in the sun, and time with friends.

However, many parents spend the summer months worrying about what their kids are up to when they’re home unsupervised during the day. Have they done their chores? Did they even get out of bed? Are they safe?

Last summer, I added security cameras and Total Connect to my alarm system. Total Connect is Ener-Tel’s remote access app for our Honeywell alarm systems. You can download the app onto your phone or tablet and use it to control your security system, view live video and video doorbell events and even control thermostats, lighting and locks. The app has given me a great peace of mind. I work full time but am still able to check in on my kids from my office or anywhere else to make sure they’re okay. Total Connect is compatible with both indoor and outdoor cameras, which means you can keep a close eye on everything going on in and around your house. I set up email notifications on my system that alert me every time the front door is opened. A stored video clip shows me exactly who’s coming and going. The app also includes a two-way voice feature that allows you to talk to your kids using your security camera.

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Total Connect is a great feature regardless of who is at home. Earlier this year, one of my customers added cameras to her alarm system so she could check in on her dogs. Perhaps you’d like to keep an eye on your furry friends or keep tabs on your home when you’re out of town.

No matter what you want to check in on during the day, Total Connect is your solution to monitor your home from anywhere at any time. As an Ener-Tel customer, your system may already be compatible with Total Connect. Contact us today to see what Total Connect can do for you!

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