Door to Door Security Scams: Part 2

Door to Door Security Scams: Part 2

by Katy Piatt

It’s a familiar scene. You’re about to sit down to a warm, home-cooked dinner when suddenly – KNOCK, KNOCK. Either you hush your family and duck down to wait out the door-to-door solicitor, or you meet the interrupter head on. However, you answer the door and get caught in a sales pitch that lasts long enough to turn your dinner room temperature.

Some of us become desperate and make purchases we don’t need just to get rid of a solicitor, while others waste a chunk of valuable time waiting it out.

So what can you do when a door-to-door salesperson comes a knockin’?

Just Say No The best method to avoid wasting time is to nip the sales pitch in the bud. Firmly, but politely, tell the solicitor you aren’t interested. Salespersons are trained to not take no for an answer and will often continue their presentation regardless of what you say. Even so, stand your ground and continue to refuse the offer. Don’t be afraid to shut the door (politely!) if he or she continues after a very clear “no” or “not interested.”

How do you prevent unwanted solicitors?

Hang a Sign To prevent door-to-door solictors from knocking in the first place, hang a sign. Displaying a “no soliciting” sign on your front door is usually enough to deter a door-to-door salesperson from ringing the doorbell.

Video Doorbell With a smart video doorbell, you can see, hear and talk to a solicitor before physically answering the door. Even when you’re not home, you still have the ability to answer the door for security purposes. It’s important to remember that burglars sometimes pose as door-to-door salespersons and will knock first to check whether someone is home.

Though they can be bothersome, most door-to-door solicitors are typically harmless. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of the security risks. Always keep a watchful eye.

This is the second installment of a three part series on door-to-door sales scams. Click here to read more on how to spot a door-to-door sales scam.



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