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Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

Are your kids going to be home unsupervised this summer? We have included a few tips for you and your kids to review to ensure a fun and safe summer for everyone.

1. Install security cameras. Many kids may be home unsupervised during the summer until their parents get home from work. Installing a security camera will allow you to check in with your kids and see if they’re safe. With remote access, you can use an app on your smartphone to view a live video stream from your security camera. The ability to keep an eye and ear on your kids at anytime from anywhere will provide you with peace of mind.

2. Make a list of names and number. Prepare a list of important phone numbers and display it on the fridge or somewhere easily accessible. The list should include 911 and numbers for family members, trusted neighbors and friends along with the number to your alarm company.

3. Keep them busy. Although your child needs some down time, they will be less likely to get into trouble if there are projects, chores, or fun games to fill their time.

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4. Know first aid. Keep a first aid kit handy and review it with your kids. Help them distinguish between a true emergency and a minor one so they know what they can handle on their own and when they should call for help.

5. Don’t leave the house without setting the alarm. Your child should not leave the house unattended unless they have cleared it with you first or if there’s an emergency. Before you leave the house, arm your alarm system in Stay Mode. This setting protects the perimeter of your home, but allows your kids to freely move around your home without setting off interior alarms. In situations where they do need to leave the house unsupervised, make sure they know how to set the security system when they leave.

If you have questions about adding cameras or other features to your security system, give us a call or click here!

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