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The Average Business Loses 5% of Its Revenue Each Year to Fraud

An access control system could change all that. Controlling access to your building is crucial in protecting company assets. Internal theft, unauthorized access, workplace violence… these are just a few reasons why access control in your facility is so important. Keys are an obvious option for allowing (or denying) access to specific individuals. However, when they are lost, stolen, or duplicated, your security is compromised. Furthermore, should an incident arise, keys provide no information regarding who had access to your building. Ener-Tel’s access control systems address this by giving you complete control over who is allowed access, as well as keeping track of access history.

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Multiple Paths to Total Access Control

Multiple Paths to Total Access Control

Our access control systems feature a wide range of components. Each of these components can be integrated to suit your specific needs. Ener-Tel access control systems have used card access, key fobs, proximity readers, simple keypads, scramble pads, biometric recognition devices, magnetic locks, and strike locks just to name a few. Finally, our access control systems can be integrated with video surveillance, fire alarm, and intrusion detection systems to provide a multi-level defense against unauthorized or criminal activity.

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It doesn’t matter if your business has one-way access or multiple points of entry. Ener-Tel’s access control systems are designed to fit your security needs. High-risk government agencies, airports, and military installations trust Ener-Tel to secure their facilities. Who is securing yours?

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