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Unlock Building Value with Building Management Systems

Building management systems help you to get a holistic view of building performance by providing an integrated environment across all the building systems. System integration in a building adds value and allows you to respond to occupant needs. As buildings become more connected, there is a growing need for intelligent building technologies that provide data-driven insights to maximize operational efficiency, cut energy waste, and lower overall costs. Ener-Tel’s building management system solutions enable lifetime efficiency of your building by letting you monitor, control, and optimize performance throughout its lifecycle. Switch to smart building automation and control solutions with Ener-Tel’s integrated building management systems and room controllers.

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Cut energy costs with building automation from Ener-Tel.

Studies show that most buildings waste up to half the energy they consume.

Ener-Tel gives you a solution that allows you to save that energy while significantly improving comfort - and your bottom line. Business management systems with Ener-Tel allow you to control your energy, lighting, HVAC, fire safety, security, and more. Save time, money, and energy by customizing your own automated schedules or make instant adjustments from your computer or smart phone. Stay informed with email or text alerts that ell you when employees arrive, lights have turned off, or the temperature has changed.

HVAC Automation

HVAC Automation

Automating your HVAC system is the first step toward energy efficiency, lower energy costs, and reduced maintenance.

Every building has unique needs, but controlling your HVAC system doesn’t have to be complicated. Some of our simpler solutions involve little more than programmed thermostats and a web browser. On the other end of the spectrum, our more advanced systems are controlled by robust networks of programmed controllers running custom software written by our in-house software engineers.

Any HVAC component you can think of can be automated: multi-stage rooftop units, chillers, cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers, air handlers, exhaust air systems, variable-speed drives, and the list goes on. Include scheduling capabilities and set-point limits into your automation, and you can ensure your HVAC system doesn’t run any more than it needs to.

Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

Lighting your building can be a major source of wasted energy. Lighting controls ensure that interior and exterior light is available only when necessary. This saves money on both energy bills and equipment maintenance.

Lighting controls from Ener-Tel range from simple timers to complex, fully-integrated systems. Integrate them with access control systems to light an area when an individual arrives. Or with intrusion detection and video surveillance systems to illuminate an entire building during a break-in. Tie them in with motion sensors so when a room is empty the lights are turned off. Integrate with light sensors to determine if a windowed room has enough sunlight to negate the need for interior lighting.

Automation is one of our top specialties at Ener-Tel, and lighting controls are no exception. Whether your lighting controls are operated manually (by local control), automatically (using schedules), or digitally (from a computer) we can help you keep the lights on… and off!

Small to Medium Building Solutions

Finally, efficient building control made affordable for smaller-scale buildings

Energy consumption and waste is a significant concern, no matter what size building you operate. Large buildings have enjoyed the benefits of building automation for years, reducing energy costs and creating a better environment for their occupants and customers. But what about buildings with a smaller footprint? Until now, that kind of technology has likely been too expensive or too impractical to use. Instead, facility managers have had to settle for thermostats and high energy bills. Ener-Tel has leveled the playing field with an affordable building management systems specifically designed for small and medium size buildings. Easy to install with minimal interruption to your daily operations, Ener-Tel delivers immediate energy savings without compromising on comfort. Finally, you too can enjoy the same benefits historically only offered in large-scale building management systems – and at a small-scale price.

Did you know?

Energy expenses in the average commercial building consist of:

According to the Buildings Energy Data Book for the U.S. Department of Energy, a BMS can cover approximately 56-81% of your building’s energy use!

A solution that pays for itself year after year.

Ener-Tel uses web and wireless technology, reducing complexity and making it a true cost-effective solution for your small building. Long-term energy savings is made possible by features such as trending, which enables you to export data and analyze energy usage for preventative measures today and tomorrow.

Best of all, Ener-Tel pays for itself with a quick return on investment. That makes it one of the best investments a building owner can make.

A solution you can use today, and grow tomorrow.

Future-proof your investment with a solution that is fully scalable.

It starts with low cost and easy installation via wired or wireless network options that enable fast deployment and won’t disrupt your building, occupants or customers. It provides state-of-the-art capabilities for controlling your building today. And, it grows with you for easy integration into a larger building management solution. You can even control multiple buildings across your enterprise with remote monitoring using webenabled software.

Ener-Tel’s experts will partner with you to deliver a solution that fits your unique needs today – and tomorrow.

Ready for the next step?

Ready for the next step?

Save energy and improve comfort.

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