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Infrastructure for Voice & Data

In today’s world, no businesss is complete without at least one computer. But what if you have hundreds or even thousands of computers? And where there’s a computer, there’s probably a telephone, too. You’ve got to have the infrastructure that will support all of those devices. That’s where data center cabling from Ener-Tel comes in.

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Certified Installation to Keep Your Network Running Smoothly

For optimum performance from high-speed, high-bandwidth computers, servers, and VoIP systems, the voice and data infrastructure requires two things. First, top-quality standards-compliant cabling, patch panels, and jacks. Second, a keen attention to detail to ensure every connection is perfect. Ener-Tel provides both.

Ener-Tel can consult with you to help determine your specific data center cabling needs. Then, we can design, install, and certify your voice and data infrastructure. We can handle any size network, from just a handful of runs to multi-closet fiber rings each supporting hundreds of nodes.

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