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Reduce Your Risks with Intrusion Detection

Businesses without intrusion detection systems are 4x more likely to be broken into than those with systems.

Intrusion detection systems serve three very important purposes. First, they alert you to unauthorized or unwelcome visitors. Second, they automatically notify police or other emergency personnel in the event of an intrusion. Finally, they provide peace of mind by assuring you that your business is protected.

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Customized Intrusion Detection Systems for Your Industry

Ener-Tel has designed intrusion detection systems for businesses, schools, banks, court rooms, and government buildings of every size. Our experience ranges from sites that are only a couple thousand square feet to sites that cover a couple thousand acres. Because of this experience, we know which options will work best for your business. From the typical door, window and motion sensors to perimeter fence tampering and panic initiation, we have a solution for any size facility. Ener-Tel is also able to integrate your intrusion detection system with video surveillance, access control and fire alarm systems. Add in 24×7 monitoring from our state-of-the-art central station, and you can know that your business is secure.

At Ener-Tel, our first step in providing an intrusion detection system is an in-depth consultation with you. During this consultation we will identify weaknesses in your current security. Then we determine which of our solutions best addresses these weaknesses.

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