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A video surveillance system keeps an eye out for both internal and external threats. A camera system can provide undeniable evidence in the case of burglaries, petty theft, criminal mischief, vandalism, assault, sexual misconduct, and even misappropriation of company property by employees.

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Whether you need a one or two-camera arrangement or an expansive multi-facility system, you can trust Ener-Tel to provide a best-in-class surveillance system. We have designed video surveillance systems for some of the toughest customers in the world, such as the federal government, airports (TSA), and the border patrol (DHS). This experience enables us to provide you with the perfect video solution for your application. From the consultation to determine which locations need coverage, which types of camera best suits each location, and the optimal lens size to ensure you capture what you need to see, to the installation and maintenance of your system — we’re ready.

The Latest Camera & Storage Technology

The Latest Camera & Storage Technology

Today’s cameras are smaller, produce sharper images, and operate well even in harsh conditions. DVRs or NVRs store the video on internal hard disks which can hold weeks to months worth of video. Plus, the video never fades. It will always looks as good as it did when it was first recorded.

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To view Ener-Tel’s Video Insight demo, please click the button below & use the following credentials to log in.

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The demo account shows 8 cameras at the Ener-Tel office (4 IP / 4 Analog). Once you log in, you will see the facility map. From there, you will be able to access the streaming feed from each of the cameras at our office.

Video surveillance has come a long way in the past few years. Be sure to compare the analog and IP cameras in this demo.

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