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24/7 Security & Fire Monitoring

Implementing any of our life safety systems is just the first step toward protecting your home and family. The next (and most important) step? Top-tier security & fire alarm monitoring service from Ener-Tel.

Supporting your security and fire systems with top-tier alarm monitoring service is the most important step you can take toward comprehensive protection. By monitoring your systems with Ener-Tel, you can trust that someone is watching over you, 24x7x365 — regardless of whether you’re home or not.

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Why Should I monitor my alarms?

If an intruder enters your home, or if a fire breaks out, your alarms will let you know. But what if you’re not home? Your alarms will still go off, but it’s likely that no one will know or respond. With monitoring support, your alarms are always answered (even in your absence.)

What if I don’t have a land line phone?

In order to monitor your alarm systems, we need a way to communicate with them. Some systems use a dedicated phone line to serve this purpose. However, with new cellular technology, we can monitor your system wirelessly. Wireless monitoring adds another layer of protection to your home. Even if phone lines are cut by intruders or are damaged in inclement weather, your alarm systems will still be supported.

Why Choose Ener-tel to monitor my alarms?

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