Small Business Fire Systems & Monitoring

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Structure Fires Cause Billions in Property Damage Every Year

Fire can devastate any business. In an instant, fire threatens lives and damages inventory, customer records and property. Ener-Tel provides high-tech, custom-designed fire detection and fire alarm systems to help protect your business. These systems have saved businesses and buildings, and more importantly, have saved the lives of employees and customers.

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Protect your property, inventory, and customer records

Protect your property, inventory, and customer records

Our fire alarm systems are made up of a central control panel and several peripheral sensors. Heat and smoke detection devices are connected to this panel. When these devices detect an abnormality, the control panel triggers an alarm and sirens, horns, and strobes will activate. Each of our fire alarm systems is supported by 24×7 monitoring which means the appropriate authorities will receive your alarm within seconds.

Industry quality service tailored to fit your Business.

Industry quality service tailored to fit your Business.

Ener-Tel has provided fire alarm systems for commercial and industrial buildings, businesses, airports, school campuses, churches, and countless other applications. We are uniquely qualified to install, service, test, and monitor the fire alarm systems we design. We are one of only nine U.L. approved fire alarm installation companies in Texas. We continually train our staff and employ all levels of NICET certified professionals. By working with us for your commercial fire alarm system, you will know that only qualified professionals are handling your needs.

24/7 Fire System Monitoring

Supporting your fire system with top-tier alarm monitoring service is the most important step you can take toward comprehensive protection. By monitoring your systems with Ener-Tel, you can trust that someone is watching over your business, 24x7x365 — giving you peace of mind during and after business hours.

Why should I monitor my fire alarms?

If a fire breaks out during business hours, your fire alarms will let you know. But what if you are closed for the day? or the holidays? Your alarms will still go off, but it’s likely that no one will know or respond until after major structural damage or damage to assets has occurred. With monitoring support, your fire alarms are always answered as soon as they detect smoke or fire.

Why Choose Ener-tel to monitor my fire alarms?

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